Book of the week: ‘Duck in the Truck’

This weeks book of the week has been a firm favourite in our house for years. Duck in the Truck by the brilliant Jez Alborough follows the antics of naughty Duck and the lovely Goat, Sheet and Frog. Duck is in his truck driving home from the market when he hits a rock on the track and it send his truck flying through the air and landing in the muck where he becomes stuck! How will he get himself out…with the help of his three trusted friends Frog, Sheep and Goat. One by one Frog and Sheep hop into the sticky muck to push Ducks truck out, Goat even uses his boat to help. But crafty Duck hops into his truck to steer and with his foot down fast on the gas gets his truck out and leaves poor old Goat, Sheep and Frog ‘STUCK IN THE MUCK!!’

This book is filled with rhyme from cover to cover (which often leaves you tongue-tied!) and the humour is just genius, it leaves the little ones giggling and even adults grin. By the time you reach the end of the book your little ones will be guessing which rhyming words are next and they’ll probably be right. Duck in the Truck is part of a series of Duck’s going on’s so if you love this you’ll also love ‘Captain Duck’ and ‘Fix It Duck’ – we do!!

Duck in truck