Thank you Joseph Joseph!

Ok so what’s your pleasure; shoes, handbags, clothes, makeup? Well I’ve just indulged in mine and bought some new ‘Joseph Joseph’ kitchen utensils and I’m not just talking any old utensils, no their ‘elevate utensils’! Am I sad, writing it down makes me feel like I am a little – oh well.. For anyone that knows me knows I love kitchen stuff, I have: 2 food processors, 2 hand blenders, 3 orange pressers, a coffee grinder, hot chocolate pot, 3 coffee makers, 2 teapots, a milk frother, loads of cookery books that I hardly use and loads of random little stuff like a silicone pan holder (surely that’s what the pan handle is for?) You name it I’ve got it or it’s on my list of ‘wants’.

Anyway back to my ‘Joseph Joseph Elevate Tools’… I’ve wanted these for ages but at £45 have never got round to getting them until now and am I so glad a did. Not only do they come in some cool funky colours to brighten up the kitchen but they are designed to save mess on my worktops, how do they do that? Well the handles are weighted and there’s a little nifty rest underneath so that when you put it down the head (messy bit) is raised off the worktop – genius!

Ok, does all this gimmicky stuff really save mess in the kitchen and is it worth the £45 price tag..probably not but I just love them so thank you Joseph Joseph for bringing then to me and here they are….