I can’t take the hair..!!!

We’ve always been pretty laid back with hair styles in our house and let the boys pretty much have whatever they like, kind of defines their characters. Patterns cut into their hair come and go (but only in the holidays) as does cane roll and mohicans. But at the minute their hair is driving me mad!!

‘Ronaldinho’ had a great mohican that has since grown out, needs a tidy up but he doesn’t want to, so it no longer looks like a mochican. ‘Ronaldo’ had it short which has now grown and started to curl in random places, needs it cut but says its ‘alright’. ‘Van Persie’ looks like a fluffy teddy bear! He afro has grown so much it’s driving me crazy, that and the tears we have every morning trying to comb through his hair. Everyone else loves it, thinks it’s amazing – that’s because they aren’t the ones having to comb it…..!!!!!!!!!

Well today I’ve had enough and they’re off to the barbers, ‘Van Persie’ keeps mumbling ‘don’t like barbers, don’t like barbers’ until I tell him the barbers give you a lollipop when your hair is cut, as if my magic I now have mumbles of ‘go barbers, go barbers’! So there you have it, they have been and all now look like handsome young boys not boys dragged through a hedge!!

BEFORE – aaarrrggghhhh!!!

photo (3)

AFTER – gorgeous!!!!

photo (1)  photo (4)