Bank holiday family fun

Bank holiday in our house means family days out, spending time together just us. This time we decided to let the children decide what we’d do which could have ended up a bad idea!

As usual they couldn’t decide, ‘big one’ wanted to go on a family bike ride whilst ‘middle one’ wanted to go to Gullivers (little one wasn’t bothered!) Oh no, not Gullivers, Arsene & I cry!! Every time we’ve been to Gullivers we’ve not been impressed for various reasons so do we really want to spend our bank holiday doing this??!!

Ok, so to keep both of them happy we decide to go to Gullivers but to cycle there, which means ‘middle one’ who hasn’t been cycling for very long, hasn’t been down a hill & doesn’t believe in using his brakes, has to cycle there – it’s going to be interesting & eventful…

photo (2)

We eventually get to Gullivers in one peice, a journey that thats 5 minutes in the car took us 1 hour but we managed it, no falling off from ‘middle one’ and we had to navigate through the marathon runners!


Well it was a great idea from the kids to come here and we had a brilliant time. After a pit stop for an ice cream we hit the rides, from the flying carpet to the lazy river, the pirate ship to the log flume we did it all and we ALL did it, even ‘little one’. I’m a bit of a baby when it comes to rides so I was screaming more and louder than the kids who were just laughing at me. Here’s some pictures of our fun at Gullivers and yes we’ll be back…..











Tumble time….

Wednesday’s can only mean one thing……Tumble Tots!! I’m quite a newbie to tumble tots and had never bothered with it with my other two but as a good friend runs the local one I decided to give it a try with ‘Van Persie’. Well, he absolutely loves it!! He climbs up and down the equipment, jumps on the trampolines and can even do a little roly poly –  sooo impressed!!

Here he is at this morning’s session, too cute!!

Oscar 2     Oscar 1Oscar 3