Personal trainer…..session 6!

This is almost a week late but a lot has happened in a week….

Today is the day, it’s weigh in and measuring day – aaarrrgggghhhh!!!!! I’m a little anxious about today as I’d been having a feeling bloated day a couple of days before. To make things worse someone decided to reverse into the side of my car and smash in my rear door, I wouldn’t mind but I’ve got a huge black car so it’s pretty hard to miss me!

Anyway because of the car incident I’m running very late for me session (ringing car insurance etc..) and in the end I arrive with only 40 minutes of my session left. Now here was me thinking that Andy would ask how I was, how was the car blah blah blah oh now, he shouts from the top of the stairs ‘quick quick, we’ve got things to do!!’ Off I scuttle and we head to the mat for some warm up things: jumpy squatty things, burpees (ggrrrr), more jumpy squatty things and other things that I don’t know the name of and I’m not talking about 10 of each, oh no, 50 of each without a stop and if I stop I have start again and do 60!!

Phase 1 done and we hurry off to the stairs, running up and down the stairs 10 times. Now I know this sounds easy but believe me it is soooo not. Oh my gosh, my legs felt like concrete, my eyes start to get blurry (may have something to do with the green wall) and I just feel generally unsteady and have to hold the rail which of course slows me down. I get to 10 and my 10th one was pretty pathetic so off I go down for another set, even before I’ve been told to – see quick learner! Sweaty, out of breath and unable to speak, now he asks me about the car – I can’t breathe never mind speak!!

Into the squash court and Andy brings out a skipping rope, I’ve not skipped since I was a kid and it was never the best then. Rules: 100 skips, if I stop I have to start all over from the beginning and the skips have to be two feet together. I have visions of getting to 98 and tripping of the rope and having to do another 100!! To my surprise I don’t trip and I get to 100 (2 feet together) first time round – woo hoo!!!

Last thing before the weigh in is the cross trainer. I don’t know how long I was on it for or what level it was but it was killing me. A few times my foot slipped and I ended up nearly falling over the top of it, not a good look when it happens three times and everyone’s thinking ‘whats this crazy bird doing??!’ Well in no time at all it’s finished and Andy says ‘come on, lets measure!!’ Oh gosh, soooo scared!!!!!!

So we trot off to his office, shoes off & hop on the scales…….. I’ve lost 1 stone 2lbs, WOW, I can’t believe it!!!! I’ve only ever lost 1lb before – very excited!!!! Next Andy gets his tape measure out, eeekkkkk!!!! So he measures my waist, hips, breast, legs, arms & it is less a whole 6 inches, yep 6 inches of me have disappeared into thin air. Where has it gone, who cares because its not attached to me anymore!!!!

It’s safe to say that I (and Andy) were over the moon. Gosh all that hard work & sweat was worth it. At the start Andy said I could loose 1 stone in 4 weeks, I never really believed him (knowing me!) & in fact I’ve lost 1 stone 2lbs so I’m feeling very proud of myself & very grateful to Andy for his hard work, motivation, care & continual nagging (only kidding!!!!)

Roll on Monday for my next session….

Personal trainer…..session 4

Well I’m into week 3 of my personal training and this will be my 4th session. They have all been hell, funny and tiring but this has to be my most eventful session by far, even beats my shoulder popping out………

So to start with it’s the bikes, first I couldn’t get my leg over the seat as it was way to high so looked a bit of a twit trying to do so. Not sure if it was 5k this time or just 10 minutes either way it was a killer, especially when Andy tells me that the lady in front is going faster than me, I’m not having that I say to myself so I peddle faster and faster and when I am at last going faster than her he decides to tell me (with a chuckle), ‘she’s only on level 1, you’re on level 12!’ Ha ha, very funny!!

After I manage to drag myself off the bike he’s stood smiling at the steppers, as if 50 flights wasn’t enough last time! So of course the rules change, this time I have to climb 100 flights of stairs (with still 10 in each flight – 1000 steps), I can have two rests of a minute each but if I rest again after that I need to do 20 burpees per rest. Ok, so strategy in my head is thinking, I know I can do 50 flights without a rest as I did that last time (although it nearly killed me!) If I can get to 50 again I can take one rest there and then do another 50 and either not use the other rest or leave it till I get to say 80 if I’m dying.  So off a step, it’s not going too bad, a bit of chatting and laughing at the ladies who use those power plates and have their bottoms and arms jiggling along, Andy’s reply to them is they should do some ‘hard work’ like moi!! After 10 minutes I make it to 50 flights and really do need a rest so after a minute stop, a few sips of water and trying to breathe properly I’m stepping again. He keeps turning the intensity up and down which is playing havoc with my legs, they feel like lead but I manage to get to 70 flights ok. 70 to 80 is a real struggle and I’m really starting to think of taking my second rest, I feel a little light headed but decide to power through and thank goodness the intensity goes down. I hit 90 and it’s the home straight, that is until I hit 97! Andy turns the heat up, harder and harder to move my legs, 98, harder still, 99 my breathing goes all to pot and I start to feel sick. With Andy counting down the steps and my saying ‘I feel sick, I feel sick’ I eventually make it to 100 flights, I manage stagger off the stepper and reach for my towel just as I’m sick everywhere! Yep you heard me, sick everywhere! Most of the sick makes the towel but some of it is spread around the floor. The lady on the bike next to me is busy asking if I’m ok as I’m sat like a crumpled heap on the floor and can hardly answer her. Andy comes round to see if I’m ok just in time for phase 2 (sick always comes in 2’s!) but this time it’s all over him, all over his arm, bits of mushed up banana splattering all over the place, I could have died, I felt like such a twit, well I would if I wasn’t too busy being sick!

Wow, I’ve never been sick before whilst exercising and everyone I’ve asked since hasn’t either and just look at me blankly like I’m some crazy fool so I’ve decided it’s a ‘badge of honour’ and I’ve become an honorary marine (well I wouldn’t really make a real one!)

After a 5 minute rest it’s back to business and the rest of the session is weights. I’m not the worlds strongest but I always try to give everything a go and the first one is some funky, need co-ordination one, I didn’t study dance for nothing!! There’s a box in front of me and I have to step onto the box (wide legs) and then off the box, sounds easy hey? Aherm when I step up I have to lift 3kg weights above my head and when I step down I lower them to my shoulders. Not bad, it you use the beat in the music somehow it helps, like magic. Next weight is 4kg and this is ok until we get to about count 7 and I can feel my arms getting weaker & weaker, to make it worse Andy doesn’t seem to be stopping at 10, in fact he doesn’t seem to be counting at all and I’m just going on and on?!

Last exercise is a shoulder/peck thing, oh my gosh, those weights are way to heavy, Andy doesn’t think so… First set are not so bad, second set I’ve just started and my shoulders are killing and all I need now is for my shoulder to make an appearance, that would really top my day off but no, it manages to stay in its socket and with a LOT of huffing and puffing and breathing like I’m having a baby I finish – hoorrraaayyyy!!!! High 5 with Andy, well I would if I could lift my arm up….

Personal trainer….session 3!

This post is a little late as I had session 3 last Wednesday – ooopppsss!!! I also had another one today (very interesting) so there will be another post pretty soon.

So I was having a rough few days in terms of mindset, will power, not seeing any results etc.. I’d had the in-laws up at the weekend and had eaten some chocolate cake, I know I know, naughty but it was just there looking at me. I did write it in my food diary under ‘naughty’ but that didn’t help. I woke up Wednesday morning and chatted to ‘Arsene’ about the lack of results and ended up crying in bed! He was really sweet and said the results will come and gave me a big hug, after all it had only been a week!

Off I trot to meet Andy with my food diary in tow, he looks at it and says ‘what’s the first thing wrong with it?’ I’m thinking its the bread for the sandwich I had’ but nope, he’s only had 2 minutes and he’s already seen the chocolate biscuit on day 1, oh God, wait till he gets to the chocolate cake on day 7!!!! On a whole it turns out that my food diary isn’t soooo bad, it’s on the right tracks and with a few tweaks it should be fine(ish)! I’d text Andy a few times over the last few days saying I couldn’t see any improvement even with all the things I was doing so he said he’d take one measurement to prove that what I was doing was having a result, the measurement, my tummy!!! I’m standing there scared to death after my chocolate cake weekend (well it was only a slither but still) and the measurement, well I couldn’t believe it, I’d lost 2 inches! 2 inches in a week!! I’ve never lost 2 inches ever especially on my tummy! I’m over the moon and yep you’ve guessed it, I burst into tears like a blubbering baby!! After a big bear hug and a wipe of the tears Andy says, it’s back to business…

First off is my 5k cycle, that goes ok and off I hop onto a stepper. I need to do 50 flights of stairs, now that seems like a lot of steps to me especially when there are 10 steps in every flight, thats 500 steps! The rules are I can only stop once (if I want to) and only for 40 seconds, if I stop again I have to do 20 burpees for every additional stop. Gosh! Off I step and straight away it’s killing (remember I’ve just cycled 5K), in my head if I can get to 25 flights without stopping I’ll take a break and then do the other half. When I get to 25 flights my head is thinking if I stop now am I ever going to start again? Quick ask to Andy and he confirms it’s going to be harder to start so I decide to keep going if I can. With the end on sight what does Andy do, increase the intensity, oh gosh, my legs are burning, sweat is pouring off me and I don’t like sweat, I can’t breathe properly, Andy’s talking to me and I can’t answer because I can’t breathe but what do you know, I’m there, I’ve reached the magic 50 flights, it’s the best feeling ever and I did it without a stop – woo hoo, I feel like I’ve just climbed Everest!!!

My next task is floorwork starting with the plank. In the past I’ve quite liked this as although it’s by no means easy at least all my body parts and still and not having to move here, there are everywhere! So first plank is 20 seconds, 2nd is 30 seconds and 3rd is a whole minute. Now a minute is a long time when your tummy and legs start to shake like a jelly so to take my mind off it I start to concentrate on the beads of sweat that are dripping along my head and off my nose onto the mat in front of me, not the best thing to think of granted but it takes my mind of it!!

Next thing is some jumpy lungy things, so I’m on all fours with my legs jumping forwards & backwards, the first 2 sets seem ok (ish) but by number 3 I’m having a nightmare, legs feel like lead & my t-shirt keeps flapping around and riding further up & up towards my neck. Take it from me, it’s not a good look in the middle of a gym when you look like a whale frolicking around so thank goodness Andy jumps in to hold me top down whilst I try to find the energy to make my feet co-ordinate correctly & eventually collapse in a heap on the floor!

Now it’s tummy time & the ‘Russian Twist’, sounds painful… Balance on my bottom with my feet off the ground, hold a 4kg weight and twist from side to side. 1st set of 20, 2nd set of 30, 3rd set of 50 – aaaarrrggghhhh, yes it’s a killer by the time you get to 50!!

By now it’s nearing the end of my session and just time for some burpees, oh they are horrible! 1st set hurts, 2nd set kills & by the end there’s hardly any jump left in me, oh & yes, again, I can hardly breathe!! Thanks Andy!!

Personal Trainer – session 2……

It turns out that ‘Arsene’ had the day off on Friday so I thought it would be a good idea to go to the gym again and meet up with my personal trainer. Looking back the first session hadn’t been that bad (once I’d recovered) so I thought I’d get back straight into it and have two in one week!!

Andy was waiting for me at reception and said we were in the sports hall, great I thought, must be easier than lifting weights and that cross trainer, how wrong could I be….!! First exercise, those spinning bikes. These things have always scared me, years ago I tried a spinning class and it really was the worse thing I’ve ever tried, why do people go to those classes I don’t get it, so I wasn’t really looking forward to it but I’ll give anything a go so off I trot and start riding. It seemed ok until he turned the knob up, says stand up and sprint – really, I’m not Bradley Wiggins??!!! I must have done this for about 10 minutes and when I got off I felt like a bowl of wobbly raspberry jelly (red face and jelly legs!)

Next exercise was boxing, oh good I thought this should be fun. After the second punch my shoulder partially dislocates (don’t worry it happens quite often and goes back in but is painful). Andy says ‘is it ok?’, ‘yes I think’ I say, ‘good carry on’ he says! Mmm, after a few more punches I really can’t do anymore so we decide to change again and I’m so surprised to see that he gets the hoola hoops out – wasn’t expecting that!! So there I am hoola hooping, I’m not the worlds best and it took me a little time to get going but I got the hang of it in the end, I like hoola hooping think I’ll buy a hoop and practice so I can become the ‘hoola queen!!’

By now I’m half way through, knackered and thinking it would have been easier doing weights, that and ‘this is harder than child birth’!!!! Next is a little obstacle course, run, jump over 3 hurdles, put hands on a box and jump over it 10 time, run to a cone and sprint to the start, oh and do it 5 times. Seems ok to me and looks similar to what the kids do at football, if they can do it I surely can, right – wrong!! It is soo hard!! First time was ok, second time was a bit hit and miss, third time was a nightmare (legs everywhere!). Andy not impressed and said if I do it all right on my next one I won’t have to do it again, if it’s a mess we’ll be carrying on and he says this whilst wagging a stick at me! I don’t know where I found the energy from but my last one was perfect, it was fast, tight, legs where they should be and over in a flash, best thing was it meant I didn’t have to do it again – hhoorrraaayyyy!!!!!

Just as you don’t think it can get much worse it does, out comes some crazy looking 5Kg ball. The plan is to throw the ball over the net, run around the net and catch the ball before it hits the wall. Sounds easy enough but a 5kg ball is heavy and doing it 16 times is pretty hard work but guess what I did it – woo hoo, who’s the man (well lady!!) Next exercise is lying on floor with my legs in the air, he throws them down to towards the floor and I can’t let them touch the floor and then have to bring them back up, quite weird this exercise hurts a bit but I quite like it!

Just when I thought I’d finished I’m wrong and we finish off the session with some running – I hate running! Running up and down the sports hall, forwards and backwards and then in the middle of it stop for star jumps, sprints, leg curls, its a killer, an absolute killer, not only can I not breathe but I’ve got the biggest stitch from hell but you know what it’s the end of the session and I made it, in one piece.

If I may say so I’m very proud of myself and in answer to the first question, I’ll take the gym over the sports hall any day!! See you on Wednesday!!

Personal Trainer – session 1…..

2013. As I said in my crazy abseil post back in March, 2013 is my year for change & challenges. Having walked down a 170ft building I’m ready for the next one which is ‘getting fit & losing weight’. Now I’ve always considered myself as pretty fit but after 3 kids the tummy is no longer flat or even remotely slim, it just kind of blobs around. I’m now at the stage where the jeans still fit but just above the jeans is a nice little ring of tummy doughnut which doesn’t actually look great and the tops no longer hide it but cling to it, mmmm nice…!!!

I’ve tried diets before and lost a few lbs (and I mean a few) and then nothing happens so I just say stuff it and carry on eating. Now saying all of this I’m not the size of a house, probably pretty average, I’m a 14 tops and 12/14 bottoms but if I don’t do something about it now, before long I think I will be the size of a house!! So there’s only one thing for it, I’ve taken the brave step and decided to get a personal trainer, felt like a good idea at the time, having someone to encourage me and help me meet my goals.

Well I don’t do things by half and as it turns out my personal trainer (Andy) is an ex-marine. Yes I said ex-marine!!! Thinking not so much of a great idea and actually pretty scared of the torture he’s going to put me through, aaarrrrggghhhh!!!! So I turn up for my first session and first things first it’s the weigh in and measurements and of course I’m not going to tell you what they were, a woman never discloses her personal details! So I have 12 weeks to start off with and the first goal is that in 4 weeks I will have lost 1 stone, more toned and not have such a big tummy doughnut (my phrase not his), seems pretty impossible (knowing me) but you’re forgetting I now have my very own marine to kick my ass and to keep me going. Before we started our session his last words to me were ‘I’ve had people faint and be sick but haven’t had anyone die on me so that’s good and there’s no such word as can’t” – really, that’s way too scary!!

First is a 5K bike ride, ok I’m thinking, I like cycling but it’s not like your average gentle bike ride. Harder and harder and by the end my legs feel like noodles but I still actually feel ok. Next the cross trainer and after only 2 minutes I feel like I’m going to die, I feel faint, a little dizzy but more than that I feel like I’m going to be physically sick. Andy takes me off the cross trainer for a sit down and water and I slowly start to feel better, it was a real shock really I thought I was quite fit but it’s a wake up call at how unfit I am! After a little sit down I’m on the weights on the shoulder press (I think), quite like these but surprise surprise it gets harder and harder to get to 12 lifts. Next I’m on the rowing machine, wow I love this machine and apprently I have ‘good technique’, maybe I’ll make the Olympics??!! Yep you’ve guessed it I’m pushed and pushed, 100 metres and then rest for 1 minute and then another 100 metres – 12 times!! I really enjoyed this (can you enjoy torture?) and it’s amazing how you can become obsessed with beating your last performance, I so wanted to better myself each time and did horraayyy!!!! Just when I’m feeling pretty good Andy says it’s back to the cross trainer, oh no and I have to do a whole 5 minutes on it. Dreading it after my last performance but to my surprise it wasn’t that bad, we’re chatting constantly, I wasn’t in pain and in no time at all the 5 minutes was up. To finish off it’s on the floor for some abs work. I’ve never been that good at ab work and they are pretty much well hidden so these were a killer, he doesn’t let you stop half way though you have to finish them all, no pain no gain they say and so after 48 sit ups of various kinds my tummy is killing.

How did I feel after my first session? Pretty ok as a whole. Yes I was red like a raspberry, covered in sticky yucky sweat and various limbs felt a bit wobbly but I felt like I had achieved something. I’d felt such an idiot at feeling faint and sick (cringe!) but I’d overcome it, carried on and finished the session.

Time for homework: 40 sits up’s and 20 burpees (where did they get that name from?) everyday, along with some kind of cardio vascular – yikes, I haven’t done so much for years!!!

How do I feel the next day, sore! Legs hurts, bottom hurts, hip hurts, chest hurts, lower back hurts, arms hurts, neck and head are ok, ankles & lowers legs are ok and tummy is not so bad – all in all though, sore….. Thanks Andy and see you next week.