Easter fun!

I just love Easter, a time where we can just be together as a family. Teasing the kids about the Easter bunny not coming and then having an Easter egg hunt around the garden and then all diving into a bowl of chocolate before it’s all eaten by ‘Van Persie’.  Where ‘business work’, Blackberry’s and work emails shut down for a whole four days. Four days of uninterruptions and four days of family time for a busy working family.

On bank holidays we always try to take the boys on a trip out, so on this Easter Sunday we decided we’d go to London Dungeons. We’ve never been and thought it would be fun to wonder through a 1000 years of London’s past meeting murky characters like Sweeney Todd and Jack the Ripper. Apparently they also have real rats to run around to make it more authentic, not sure if this is true or if I believe it, either way I wasn’t looking forward to watching where I’m putting my feet! So we get to London, make our way to the South Bank (the dungeons new home and being next to the London Eye and Sealife Centre it’s probably the most tourist populated place in London!!) I jump out of the car to check out the queue and oh my gosh what a queue, 1 hour 45 mins just to get in and pay – are they crazy??!!! We don’t like queing at the best of times so doing it in the freezing cold with 3 kids is a big no no so time for plan B.

Plan B was The Guards Museum next to Buckingham Palace, maybe not the kids number 2 choice but we were going and they really actually enjoyed it. On a military journey through years of battles and seeing the actual tattered Colours carried at Waterloo and blood-stained uniforms from the Crimea along with numerous medals from over 150 years including Victoria Crosses, it was very though provoking. Well it would have been if I’d had seen it all, half way through ‘Ronaldo’ decides he needs the loo and there isn’t a toilet there – aaarrgghh!! So now me and him are on the hunt for the loo St James’ park, yuck! Now the loo is on the opposite side of the park so we have to run as it’s ‘nearly coming’, dodging tourists taking pictures and groups of school exchange kids on tours and squirrals walking across the pavement. After a bit of running my lungs are killing, burning, gosh I’m not as fit as I used to be so we change to a brisk walk until ‘Ronaldo’ pipes up ‘quick mum I really need the loo’ so off we go running again ggggrrrrr I could do with some oxygen!!!!!!

Anyway after the toilet saga we manage to get back The Guards Museum just before it shuts and have time for a little photo, wearing bearskins….so cute!!

IMG_0099                                photo                                                       IMG_0102

So we’ve finished the museum and we thought we’d take a stroll around St James’ park, well ‘Arsene’ and I are strolling whilst the boys chase pigeons, bless them they really thought they’d catch them, as if a pigeon can’t see and hear a great big human coming towards them?!! St James’ park is lovely, I’ve only ever been once before when I did a surprise 30th party for ‘Arsene’ at ‘Inn the Park’ – sweet place and gorgeous food by the way, we had our party on the roof! Walking by the river towards Buckingham Palace is the cutest little wooden playground, we must have spent about an hour there and the kids had a great time, ‘Van Persie’s’ favourite thing to do there – look for squirrals, really?! Actually we saw loads and they come really close to you he loved it!

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So that was our Easter, we had a lovely day together  just being us and after all that running around in the freezing cold fresh air it means that we had three very tired boys on the way home….!!!

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Circus time!!

So today is the last day of half term and we thought we’d have a family afternoon out – to the Circus. Now the last circus we went to was The Moscow State Circus and that put us off for life so today was going to be interesting. Well we couldn’t have been so wrong – it was brilliant! It was full of old fashioned family fun, just how I remembered the circus to be when I was a kid – a ringmaster, aerial acrobatics, knife throwing, fire throwing with a few modern twists like Anya the lady who can hoola hoop with 24 rings, I might try it sometime hee hee!! There was the usual clown (I don’t like clowns, they give me the creeps) but this one (Clumsy) was a very cheeky chappy and actually grew on you. The kids loved it, they were clapping & cheering, joining in with the banter and the ohhh’s & ahhh’s. Asked them what their favourite act was….the knife throwing, great, remind me to lock up the kitchen knives..!!! Do we love the circus now, oh yes & we can’t wait for it to come back!!