Circus time!!

So today is the last day of half term and we thought we’d have a family afternoon out – to the Circus. Now the last circus we went to was The Moscow State Circus and that put us off for life so today was going to be interesting. Well we couldn’t have been so wrong – it was brilliant! It was full of old fashioned family fun, just how I remembered the circus to be when I was a kid – a ringmaster, aerial acrobatics, knife throwing, fire throwing with a few modern twists like Anya the lady who can hoola hoop with 24 rings, I might try it sometime hee hee!! There was the usual clown (I don’t like clowns, they give me the creeps) but this one (Clumsy) was a very cheeky chappy and actually grew on you. The kids loved it, they were clapping & cheering, joining in with the banter and the ohhh’s & ahhh’s. Asked them what their favourite act was….the knife throwing, great, remind me to lock up the kitchen knives..!!! Do we love the circus now, oh yes & we can’t wait for it to come back!!