Footy Mummy tips…wet wipes

Whatever did people do before these were invented?? Wet wipes are a godsend!!

When ‘Ronaldinho’ was born the midwife told me to use cotton wool & warm water to clean that horrible first sticky poo, mmmm that didn’t work and as soon as she was out of the room out come the wet wipes. A few wipes later – all clean!

As they’ve got older wet wipes are still as useful, they get toothpaste out of the school jumper just as your walking out of the door, they clean mucky handprints off my nice white paintwork but the biggest helpful hand is that they are AMAZING on football boots and trainers. No scrubbing, no water everywhere, just a few wipes & all done. So whoever invented wet wipes a big thank you from me for making my life that little bit easier!