Do we really love World Book Day??

So it’s World Book Day hoorraayyy!!!! Is that what people really think of today because I certainly wasn’t thinking that earlier this week. I’m actually one of those parents that dread this day, it’s like I want the world to skip a day and just suddenly become the 8th March – oh I wish that was possible!! And I don’t think I’m the only one either, I’m sure you’re all thinking the same as well….

Ok so we are a family of bookworms, we have shelves upon shelves of books, I understand why we have World Book Day, there’s nothing better than for one day making children really think about reading and maybe try new books. Plus they get a  £1 voucher to buy a book, everyone loves a trip to the bookshop. But no, school thinks it would be great fun for everyone to come dressed up as their favourite character and the best outfit from each year wins a £5 book token – really…pressure?!

As there’s no getting away from it, you just have to join them and the first hurdle is deciding who you’re going to be. Last year ‘Ronaldinho’ went as Greg Heffley from ‘Dairy of a Wimpy Kid’ (nice and easy) and ‘Ronaldo’ was Peter Pan (easy as well) but this year could they decide, oh no!!!! ‘Ronaldinho’s’ choices were Usain Bolt (not a character), David Beckham (not a character), Usain Bolt again – can you spot the pattern…? ‘Ronaldo’s’ choices were Spiderman (movie), Incredible Hulk (movie), Iron Man (movie) – another pattern…! So after I explained that it has to be a fictional character from a book before it was a movie we have put our thinking caps on again. That was two weeks and as of Monday we still didn’t know who we are going as, so we then go through our books with a yes and no along the way. In the end ‘Ronaldo’ was easy to decide – Captain Hook from Peter Pan, ‘Ronaldinho’ on the otherhand wasn’t that easy and the only two we could come up with was Harry Potter or the scarecrow from the Wizzard of Oz, whichever we can find!

So Tuesday after school is shopping day, I wish I was more crafty so I could make it but it’s just not me so buying is the best option unless they want to look like they’ve just been dragged out of the bin. First shop we try is the big shop that starts with a ‘T’ and would you believe they have the perfect Captain Hook outfit, it is identical to the books (minus the hat but that should be easy enough to find), I think I’m starting to enjoy World Book Day! That is until we realise that we can’t find Harry Potter anywhere and for all those people that are shouting ‘look on the internet’ into their PC screens, remember it is Tuesday, I need it for Thursday morning there’s not enough time and I know I left it too late!!!

So did I sleep Tuesday night, nope, what can I not get out of my head – World Book Day! In my head I’m thinking how I can make a scarecrow, old shirt, stick patches on it, stick hay in it, oh no it’s going to look rubbish. Wednesday comes and I’m on a deperate mission to find Harry Potter or Scarecrow, I think I must have been to every supermarket and nothing, not even a simple black cloak or wand, all I can find are princess dresses or superhero outfits – what’s wrong with the world can they only do Disney dresses and have they actually forgotton about actual book characters…??!! Time is running out, we need drastic measures so ‘Arsene’ is going to have to go on the hunt as well, in his lunch hour in London. Surprise surprise he finds Harry Potter straight away (why is that always the case?) and I’m not talking a sad looking Harry Potter but the full monty; cloak, glasses, wand, tie, scarf – horraayyy!! Mission complete and just in the nick of time.

This morning is pretty calm, everyone gets their fancy dress on and I have to admit we did a pretty good job. Finishing touches of a mustache for Captain Hook & a scar for Harry Potter (with thanks from my eyeliner pencil) and I think they could actually pass for the real things. Now as I’m a mummy of 3 ‘Van Persie’ couldn’t be left out and even though he doesn’t go to school he got his own little ‘Jake the pirate’ outfit so he could fight with Captain Hook, must admit he looks very cute just like the other 2!!

The question on everyone’s lips…..did we win the prize?? NO!!! Harry Potter was beaten by Zeus (he’s a legend not a book character) and Captain Hook was beaten by a bunny, not Thumper from Bambi oh no…The Easter Bunny (I don’t remember a book with him in…!!!)

Anyway they are winners in my eyes and to prove how cool they looked here they are, introducing Harry Potter, Captain Hook and Jake (from Jake & the Neverland Pirates!)

Harry P  All

Jake  Captain H