Crazy Abseil…

Well back at the start of January I decided I wanted achieve something in 2013 and to do something for charity. Now I knew that I could never do the marathon or a 10k run as me & running don’t really go that well together so when an email from the Rays of Sunshine charity popped into my inbox I didn’t think twice & signed up straight away. My task….a 170ft abseil!

For those who don’t know about Rays of Sunshine, they are an amazing charity that grant wishes to children with terminal or life limiting illnesses. Being a mum of three healthy boys you often take it for granted to see their smiling faces or to have them running around like lunatics, but for some parents this can’t happen, so if I can help to grant a wish for them and their parents see them smile & forget out their illness for one day then that makes me happy. I decided to set my sponsorship target at £350 which seemed a good amount to be able to grant some wishes.

Now I said I was doing a 170ft abseil and that seemed ok to me, maybe because I didn’t know how high 170ft was. When I told people about it they’d say things like ‘oh you’re very brave’ or ‘I couldn’t do anything that high’ so it got me worried about what I had actually signed up for. As the day drew nearer people would say ‘have you been training?’ Really??!! What am I suppose to do, tie some bedsheets together and climb down the side of my house??!!

So the day has come and we head to Wembley, me and my supporters – my four boys and my mum and dad – pressure!! I feel ok until I need to fill out and sign forms and I notice my hand is shaking. Stupidly I decide to ask the woman which building it was, small one or big one and of course it’s the big one, remember I have no idea how high 170ft is – trust me it’s high!!


After around a 30 minute wait and watching others come down we get called to go up for our briefing. Now my idea of a briefing would be someone telling me exactly what to do and what not to do, showing me how to move, telling me what my arms do – everything from top to bottom. Did I get that? No! Gosh we were stood in the boiler room given a hard hat and some builder like gloves, said to enjoy it and asked who was going first – aaarrgghhh!!!! By now I’m getting more scared by the second and decide the best thing to do is to go first and get it over with as I’m thinking there’s no way I’m going to enjoy this. So I get strapped to another crazy abseiler and we’re led outside ready for our abseil apart from it’s not our turn yet, oh gosh there are another 3 couples in front of us, so now I find myself stood on a roof, tied to a man I don’t know for about 20 minutes. I did however find out (from the man I’m tied to) how high 170ft is – hoorraayyy!! For those of you that are interested 170ft is around 83 metres, so Usain Bolt does 100 metres in 9.58seconds, I wonder what I’ll do 83 metres in??

So here we go, it’s my turn and this is where I get my briefing and have a dry run on. This leaves me thinking all’s going to be fine until the bloke tells me to stand on the ledge, I’m not ashamed to admit it I was terrified, in fact I don’t think I’ve been so scared at anything before in my life. Suddenly the dry run goes out of the window and I think I’m actually frozen to the spot. If it wasn’t for the brilliant guys running the abseil with their kind words and encouragement – I don’t know how I’d get over the top.


And I’m off, now I’m over I have no option but to get on with it. With my heart pounding I slowly lower myself down, walking on windows and seeing some people working it all seems quite weird. I really wanted to look down and wave at the kids who I could hear shouting ‘come on mummy’ but I just couldn’t, I think I might have fainted! On the way down I had no idea where I was as I only looked straight ahead or up at the bloke talking to me, I only knew I was at the bottom when someone said ‘hi’ in my ear and what a relief it was to be on solid ground.

CJ4  CJ5

My supporters were cheering (best supporters) and when the kids said ‘mummy we are so so proud of you’, it was the best feeling ever. Even though I was scared stiff I’d managed to get down in style and prove to my kids that you can  just get on with things even when they are a bit scary. Oh and I did it in 5 minutes, not quite Usain Bolt but not bad if I say so myself! The all important question of course is how much money did I raise, well I’m so proud to say that I raised a massive £610, so well done to everyone that sponsored me and well done to me for doing it xx