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About diary of a footy mummy…

2736   Well this is me, Catherine. I’m a full time wife to my gorgeous husband ‘Arsene’ and mum to three gorgeous boys; ‘Ronaldinho’ 9, ‘Ronaldo’ 6 and ‘Van Persie’ 2 (don’t worry that’s not their real names, we’re not THAT crazy!!)

As the title of my blog suggests I’m a full time footy mummy, when I’m not doing ‘house stuff’ I’m normally found cleaning boots, washing kits, being a taxi, standing on the sidelines in mud, watching FIFA 13 or being a referee for our general noisy household. But don’t worry this isn’t all about football, it’s simply a diary of our life, what we get up to as a family, our up’s and down’s and most importantly our laughs.

As well as being a busy mum I’m also a local editor for Mumsnet Local and a contributor to the super cool ‘Cool Mum Hunting’ website and Made for Mums website. I love baking (and eating cupcakes), all things pink and being a mixed race family ourselves love all things cultural.

We love reading books in our house, we really are a household of bookworms, ‘Ronaldinho’ especially..! With this in mind you’ll find on my blog a  weekly ‘Book of the Week’, this is a book chosen by one of my little ones to share with you. Be warned it could be anything as we have a huge amount of books…!!!

So sit back and enjoy my crazy life with my adorable family.

Catherine xx



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