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Personal trainer…..session 6!

This is almost a week late but a lot has happened in a week….

Today is the day, it’s weigh in and measuring day – aaarrrgggghhhh!!!!! I’m a little anxious about today as I’d been having a feeling bloated day a couple of days before. To make things worse someone decided to reverse into the side of my car and smash in my rear door, I wouldn’t mind but I’ve got a huge black car so it’s pretty hard to miss me!

Anyway because of the car incident I’m running very late for me session (ringing car insurance etc..) and in the end I arrive with only 40 minutes of my session left. Now here was me thinking that Andy would ask how I was, how was the car blah blah blah oh now, he shouts from the top of the stairs ‘quick quick, we’ve got things to do!!’ Off I scuttle and we head to the mat for some warm up things: jumpy squatty things, burpees (ggrrrr), more jumpy squatty things and other things that I don’t know the name of and I’m not talking about 10 of each, oh no, 50 of each without a stop and if I stop I have start again and do 60!!

Phase 1 done and we hurry off to the stairs, running up and down the stairs 10 times. Now I know this sounds easy but believe me it is soooo not. Oh my gosh, my legs felt like concrete, my eyes start to get blurry (may have something to do with the green wall) and I just feel generally unsteady and have to hold the rail which of course slows me down. I get to 10 and my 10th one was pretty pathetic so off I go down for another set, even before I’ve been told to – see quick learner! Sweaty, out of breath and unable to speak, now he asks me about the car – I can’t breathe never mind speak!!

Into the squash court and Andy brings out a skipping rope, I’ve not skipped since I was a kid and it was never the best then. Rules: 100 skips, if I stop I have to start all over from the beginning and the skips have to be two feet together. I have visions of getting to 98 and tripping of the rope and having to do another 100!! To my surprise I don’t trip and I get to 100 (2 feet together) first time round – woo hoo!!!

Last thing before the weigh in is the cross trainer. I don’t know how long I was on it for or what level it was but it was killing me. A few times my foot slipped and I ended up nearly falling over the top of it, not a good look when it happens three times and everyone’s thinking ‘whats this crazy bird doing??!’ Well in no time at all it’s finished and Andy says ‘come on, lets measure!!’ Oh gosh, soooo scared!!!!!!

So we trot off to his office, shoes off & hop on the scales…….. I’ve lost 1 stone 2lbs, WOW, I can’t believe it!!!! I’ve only ever lost 1lb before – very excited!!!! Next Andy gets his tape measure out, eeekkkkk!!!! So he measures my waist, hips, breast, legs, arms & it is less a whole 6 inches, yep 6 inches of me have disappeared into thin air. Where has it gone, who cares because its not attached to me anymore!!!!

It’s safe to say that I (and Andy) were over the moon. Gosh all that hard work & sweat was worth it. At the start Andy said I could loose 1 stone in 4 weeks, I never really believed him (knowing me!) & in fact I’ve lost 1 stone 2lbs so I’m feeling very proud of myself & very grateful to Andy for his hard work, motivation, care & continual nagging (only kidding!!!!)

Roll on Monday for my next session….

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