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Personal trainer…..session 4

Well I’m into week 3 of my personal training and this will be my 4th session. They have all been hell, funny and tiring but this has to be my most eventful session by far, even beats my shoulder popping out………

So to start with it’s the bikes, first I couldn’t get my leg over the seat as it was way to high so looked a bit of a twit trying to do so. Not sure if it was 5k this time or just 10 minutes either way it was a killer, especially when Andy tells me that the lady in front is going faster than me, I’m not having that I say to myself so I peddle faster and faster and when I am at last going faster than her he decides to tell me (with a chuckle), ‘she’s only on level 1, you’re on level 12!’ Ha ha, very funny!!

After I manage to drag myself off the bike he’s stood smiling at the steppers, as if 50 flights wasn’t enough last time! So of course the rules change, this time I have to climb 100 flights of stairs (with still 10 in each flight – 1000 steps), I can have two rests of a minute each but if I rest again after that I need to do 20 burpees per rest. Ok, so strategy in my head is thinking, I know I can do 50 flights without a rest as I did that last time (although it nearly killed me!) If I can get to 50 again I can take one rest there and then do another 50 and either not use the other rest or leave it till I get to say 80 if I’m dying.  So off a step, it’s not going too bad, a bit of chatting and laughing at the ladies who use those power plates and have their bottoms and arms jiggling along, Andy’s reply to them is they should do some ‘hard work’ like moi!! After 10 minutes I make it to 50 flights and really do need a rest so after a minute stop, a few sips of water and trying to breathe properly I’m stepping again. He keeps turning the intensity up and down which is playing havoc with my legs, they feel like lead but I manage to get to 70 flights ok. 70 to 80 is a real struggle and I’m really starting to think of taking my second rest, I feel a little light headed but decide to power through and thank goodness the intensity goes down. I hit 90 and it’s the home straight, that is until I hit 97! Andy turns the heat up, harder and harder to move my legs, 98, harder still, 99 my breathing goes all to pot and I start to feel sick. With Andy counting down the steps and my saying ‘I feel sick, I feel sick’ I eventually make it to 100 flights, I manage stagger off the stepper and reach for my towel just as I’m sick everywhere! Yep you heard me, sick everywhere! Most of the sick makes the towel but some of it is spread around the floor. The lady on the bike next to me is busy asking if I’m ok as I’m sat like a crumpled heap on the floor and can hardly answer her. Andy comes round to see if I’m ok just in time for phase 2 (sick always comes in 2’s!) but this time it’s all over him, all over his arm, bits of mushed up banana splattering all over the place, I could have died, I felt like such a twit, well I would if I wasn’t too busy being sick!

Wow, I’ve never been sick before whilst exercising and everyone I’ve asked since hasn’t either and just look at me blankly like I’m some crazy fool so I’ve decided it’s a ‘badge of honour’ and I’ve become an honorary marine (well I wouldn’t really make a real one!)

After a 5 minute rest it’s back to business and the rest of the session is weights. I’m not the worlds strongest but I always try to give everything a go and the first one is some funky, need co-ordination one, I didn’t study dance for nothing!! There’s a box in front of me and I have to step onto the box (wide legs) and then off the box, sounds easy hey? Aherm when I step up I have to lift 3kg weights above my head and when I step down I lower them to my shoulders. Not bad, it you use the beat in the music somehow it helps, like magic. Next weight is 4kg and this is ok until we get to about count 7 and I can feel my arms getting weaker & weaker, to make it worse Andy doesn’t seem to be stopping at 10, in fact he doesn’t seem to be counting at all and I’m just going on and on?!

Last exercise is a shoulder/peck thing, oh my gosh, those weights are way to heavy, Andy doesn’t think so… First set are not so bad, second set I’ve just started and my shoulders are killing and all I need now is for my shoulder to make an appearance, that would really top my day off but no, it manages to stay in its socket and with a LOT of huffing and puffing and breathing like I’m having a baby I finish – hoorrraaayyyy!!!! High 5 with Andy, well I would if I could lift my arm up….

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