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Personal trainer….session 3!

This post is a little late as I had session 3 last Wednesday – ooopppsss!!! I also had another one today (very interesting) so there will be another post pretty soon.

So I was having a rough few days in terms of mindset, will power, not seeing any results etc.. I’d had the in-laws up at the weekend and had eaten some chocolate cake, I know I know, naughty but it was just there looking at me. I did write it in my food diary under ‘naughty’ but that didn’t help. I woke up Wednesday morning and chatted to ‘Arsene’ about the lack of results and ended up crying in bed! He was really sweet and said the results will come and gave me a big hug, after all it had only been a week!

Off I trot to meet Andy with my food diary in tow, he looks at it and says ‘what’s the first thing wrong with it?’ I’m thinking its the bread for the sandwich I had’ but nope, he’s only had 2 minutes and he’s already seen the chocolate biscuit on day 1, oh God, wait till he gets to the chocolate cake on day 7!!!! On a whole it turns out that my food diary isn’t soooo bad, it’s on the right tracks and with a few tweaks it should be fine(ish)! I’d text Andy a few times over the last few days saying I couldn’t see any improvement even with all the things I was doing so he said he’d take one measurement to prove that what I was doing was having a result, the measurement, my tummy!!! I’m standing there scared to death after my chocolate cake weekend (well it was only a slither but still) and the measurement, well I couldn’t believe it, I’d lost 2 inches! 2 inches in a week!! I’ve never lost 2 inches ever especially on my tummy! I’m over the moon and yep you’ve guessed it, I burst into tears like a blubbering baby!! After a big bear hug and a wipe of the tears Andy says, it’s back to business…

First off is my 5k cycle, that goes ok and off I hop onto a stepper. I need to do 50 flights of stairs, now that seems like a lot of steps to me especially when there are 10 steps in every flight, thats 500 steps! The rules are I can only stop once (if I want to) and only for 40 seconds, if I stop again I have to do 20 burpees for every additional stop. Gosh! Off I step and straight away it’s killing (remember I’ve just cycled 5K), in my head if I can get to 25 flights without stopping I’ll take a break and then do the other half. When I get to 25 flights my head is thinking if I stop now am I ever going to start again? Quick ask to Andy and he confirms it’s going to be harder to start so I decide to keep going if I can. With the end on sight what does Andy do, increase the intensity, oh gosh, my legs are burning, sweat is pouring off me and I don’t like sweat, I can’t breathe properly, Andy’s talking to me and I can’t answer because I can’t breathe but what do you know, I’m there, I’ve reached the magic 50 flights, it’s the best feeling ever and I did it without a stop – woo hoo, I feel like I’ve just climbed Everest!!!

My next task is floorwork starting with the plank. In the past I’ve quite liked this as although it’s by no means easy at least all my body parts and still and not having to move here, there are everywhere! So first plank is 20 seconds, 2nd is 30 seconds and 3rd is a whole minute. Now a minute is a long time when your tummy and legs start to shake like a jelly so to take my mind off it I start to concentrate on the beads of sweat that are dripping along my head and off my nose onto the mat in front of me, not the best thing to think of granted but it takes my mind of it!!

Next thing is some jumpy lungy things, so I’m on all fours with my legs jumping forwards & backwards, the first 2 sets seem ok (ish) but by number 3 I’m having a nightmare, legs feel like lead & my t-shirt keeps flapping around and riding further up & up towards my neck. Take it from me, it’s not a good look in the middle of a gym when you look like a whale frolicking around so thank goodness Andy jumps in to hold me top down whilst I try to find the energy to make my feet co-ordinate correctly & eventually collapse in a heap on the floor!

Now it’s tummy time & the ‘Russian Twist’, sounds painful… Balance on my bottom with my feet off the ground, hold a 4kg weight and twist from side to side. 1st set of 20, 2nd set of 30, 3rd set of 50 – aaaarrrggghhhh, yes it’s a killer by the time you get to 50!!

By now it’s nearing the end of my session and just time for some burpees, oh they are horrible! 1st set hurts, 2nd set kills & by the end there’s hardly any jump left in me, oh & yes, again, I can hardly breathe!! Thanks Andy!!

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