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Personal Trainer – session 2……

It turns out that ‘Arsene’ had the day off on Friday so I thought it would be a good idea to go to the gym again and meet up with my personal trainer. Looking back the first session hadn’t been that bad (once I’d recovered) so I thought I’d get back straight into it and have two in one week!!

Andy was waiting for me at reception and said we were in the sports hall, great I thought, must be easier than lifting weights and that cross trainer, how wrong could I be….!! First exercise, those spinning bikes. These things have always scared me, years ago I tried a spinning class and it really was the worse thing I’ve ever tried, why do people go to those classes I don’t get it, so I wasn’t really looking forward to it but I’ll give anything a go so off I trot and start riding. It seemed ok until he turned the knob up, says stand up and sprint – really, I’m not Bradley Wiggins??!!! I must have done this for about 10 minutes and when I got off I felt like a bowl of wobbly raspberry jelly (red face and jelly legs!)

Next exercise was boxing, oh good I thought this should be fun. After the second punch my shoulder partially dislocates (don’t worry it happens quite often and goes back in but is painful). Andy says ‘is it ok?’, ‘yes I think’ I say, ‘good carry on’ he says! Mmm, after a few more punches I really can’t do anymore so we decide to change again and I’m so surprised to see that he gets the hoola hoops out – wasn’t expecting that!! So there I am hoola hooping, I’m not the worlds best and it took me a little time to get going but I got the hang of it in the end, I like hoola hooping think I’ll buy a hoop and practice so I can become the ‘hoola queen!!’

By now I’m half way through, knackered and thinking it would have been easier doing weights, that and ‘this is harder than child birth’!!!! Next is a little obstacle course, run, jump over 3 hurdles, put hands on a box and jump over it 10 time, run to a cone and sprint to the start, oh and do it 5 times. Seems ok to me and looks similar to what the kids do at football, if they can do it I surely can, right – wrong!! It is soo hard!! First time was ok, second time was a bit hit and miss, third time was a nightmare (legs everywhere!). Andy not impressed and said if I do it all right on my next one I won’t have to do it again, if it’s a mess we’ll be carrying on and he says this whilst wagging a stick at me! I don’t know where I found the energy from but my last one was perfect, it was fast, tight, legs where they should be and over in a flash, best thing was it meant I didn’t have to do it again – hhoorrraaayyyy!!!!!

Just as you don’t think it can get much worse it does, out comes some crazy looking 5Kg ball. The plan is to throw the ball over the net, run around the net and catch the ball before it hits the wall. Sounds easy enough but a 5kg ball is heavy and doing it 16 times is pretty hard work but guess what I did it – woo hoo, who’s the man (well lady!!) Next exercise is lying on floor with my legs in the air, he throws them down to towards the floor and I can’t let them touch the floor and then have to bring them back up, quite weird this exercise hurts a bit but I quite like it!

Just when I thought I’d finished I’m wrong and we finish off the session with some running – I hate running! Running up and down the sports hall, forwards and backwards and then in the middle of it stop for star jumps, sprints, leg curls, its a killer, an absolute killer, not only can I not breathe but I’ve got the biggest stitch from hell but you know what it’s the end of the session and I made it, in one piece.

If I may say so I’m very proud of myself and in answer to the first question, I’ll take the gym over the sports hall any day!! See you on Wednesday!!


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