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What is my job?

The other week I saw someone that I hadn’t seen for years, we had a general chit chat and then she asked me what I was doing. When I replied that I was now a ‘full time mum’ she smiled and kind of looked at me as if to say ‘oh, poor you’. I think it’s been rattling around in my head and annoying me, so for the past week I’ve been asking myself the question ‘what is my job?’ and here is my job description.

I’m a chef

I’m a cleaner

I’m a fashion designer

I’m a taxi driver

I’m a best friend

I’m a cheerleader & number 1 fan

I’m a comforter

I’m a nurse

I’m a role model

I’m a security guard
I’m a teacher

I’m a secretary
I’m a cuddly teddy bear

I’m a dentist

I’m a photographer

I’m a clown

I’m an events planner

I’m a childminder when their friends come round

I’m Mrs Christmas

I’m a bank

I’m an artist

I’m a storyteller

I’m the Tooth Fairy

I’m a travel agent

I’m a treat giver

But most importantly I’m a mum!

So there you have it, I’m a bit of everything because being a mum is the most important job in the world and I wouldn’t change it.


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