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By Royal Appointment…..

Last week ‘Ronaldo’s’ class were having a Kings and Queens day, yes even more dressing up and only a week after World Book Day – great I know!! The day before, his class (Seahorses) decided what better way to celebrate their day than to invite the Queen, yes I mean the real Queen who lives in Buckingham Palace! They wrote a letter, posted it and then waited…I should explain that they only sent the letter the day before so the chances of her coming were pretty slim!

On the way to school the following morning we had a big conversation as to how the Queen was going to get to his school, one minute her driver was bringing her, then she was getting the train, then it was a carriage and we finally decided that it would be a helicopter as it would be quicker and maybe Prince William would bring her, he could land it in the playground?! As we pulled up to school I could see his little face peering, nose pressed against the window looking for her, then a ‘do you think she’s here yet mum?’ We decided that she would probably come later on in the day and make a big entrance, after all she is the Queen…

At the end of the day I picked him up and we bought some royal biscuits that they’d baked during the day (heart shaped jammie dodgers, one of my favourites!) and did I dare ask the question? Well I had to, I took a deep breath and ask ‘well did she come?’ ‘Nope’ was the reply followed by ‘I think she was busy walking her dogs’ – priceless! So sweet and innocent and just lovely.

Well today was the last day of term and did they get a surprise to finish off the term – the Queen had written to them!! I’m serious she did, well it was her Lady in Waiting but it’s near enough. Apparently when their teacher read out the letter they were jumping up and down, her included apart from ‘Ronaldo’, apparently he’s too cool for all that. The letter was addressed to ‘the children in Seahorse class’ and thanked them for their lovely letter and apologised that the Queen wasn’t able to make their special day as she was very busy. She hoped that the children had had a good day and was very pleased to hear that they were dressing up and pretending to be Kings and Queens and having lots of fun. The letter was proudly pinned to the door for everyone to read and the class was quite the ‘talk of the school’. Now I know I should have taken a picture of the letter (being blonde) so I promise I will when we go back to school and post it proudly for you all to see!

So thank you to Her Majesty for making a class of 6 years old Seahorse’s very happy, you made their day!!


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