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Move over Louis Smith…….

Well this post is a little late as it happened on the 3rd February (this year though!) but it is just too brilliant not to share.

So 2012 was the year of the Olympics where everyone wants to be the next Usain Bolt or Greg ‘Ruggerford’ (sorry Greg, you’re not a Rutherford in our house!) and ‘Ronaldo’ is no different, he was mesmerised by Louis Smith and the gymnastics. Now he’s always been the ‘physical’ type – roly poly’s on concrete, attempting backflips and head stands when he has no idea how to do them so when we sat down to watch Louis that was it – ‘mummy I want to go to gymnastics’, so gymnastics we go!

‘Ronaldo’ had been going to gymnastics for a month and a half when the gym held their competition. So we filled out the forms and entered not really knowing what to expect, ‘Ronaldo’ was entered into the floor routine (a little routine with roly poly’s, balances and stuff) & the horse. So we all sat on the balcony for what seemed ages & watched him do his stuff (he was adorable) and then they brought the podium out for the results.

Would you believe it….he came home with silver and I’m not just talking about 1 silver… silver for floor, silver for the horse and overall silver – 3 silvers!!!! And yes you’ve guessed it, I’m a very, very proud footy mummy!!!



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